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We offer multiple grape products from both Peru and Chile to capture the best of the seasons.

Our Peruvian Grape products are packed in 8.2 kg cartons/bagged and are available during select seasons:
Sugarone – Early October through January
Crimson – Early October through January
Red Globe – Early October through Mid-February
Autumn Royal – Early December through Early January
Sweet Celebration – February through April
Timco – March through April
Allison – March through April
Our Chilean Grape products are all packed in 8.2 kg/cartons/bagged and are available during select seasons:
Sugarone – February through Mid-March
Thompson – Late February through Late March
Crimson – February through Early March
Red Globe – February through Late May
Autumn Royal – March through April

We offer both Red and Rainier Cherry varieties:
• 5 kg box with 10 bags per box
• Controlled atmosphere sealed
• Availability – November through February


We currently offer clementines in a variety of pack sizes.
Availability – May – August


We offer a variety of Stonefruit products:

Peaches – available Mid-December through Mid-April
• 2 layer tray
• 9 kg volume fill
• 2 lb bags
• Our peaches are pre-conditioned and ready-to-eat.Plums – available Late December through Mid-May
• 2 layer tray
• 9 kg volume fill
• 2 lb bags
• 1 lb top seal
Nectarines – available Late December through April
• 2 layer tray
• 9 kg volume fill
• 2 lb bagsPluots – available Early February
• 2 layer tray
• 9 kg volume fill
• 2 lb bags
• Varieties – Dapple Dan, Flavor Queen, Blue Gusto and Candy Stripe

All of our apple varieties are available in 18.2 kg Bulk; stickered and 12×3 lb bags, and have bagging capabilities on both East and West Coasts. The following varieties are available during select seasons:
Gala – End of February through June
Fuji – Mid-April through Early September
Pink Lady/Cripps – Mid-May through Mid-July
Granny Smith – Early March through Mid-August


Our Kiwi our available Early April through Mid-October and are available in the following pack types:
• Standard volume fill
• 1 lb clamshell
• 2 lb clamshell
• 4 lb clamshell

All fruit is availble from our pre-conditioned program and comes packed Ready-To-Eat.


Our Pomegranates are available April through late May or early June in 1 layer tray packs, and are the Wonderful variety.


Cherries Stone Fruit Grapes Kiwi Fruit Citrus Apples Pomegranates
Fruits Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sep Oct
Hayward Kiwi
Red Globes (Peru)
Sugraone (Peru)
Crimsons (Peru)
Flame Seedless (Peru)
Sugraones (Chile)
Red Globes (Chile)
Crimsons (Chile)
Thompson Seedless (Chile)
Yellow Peaches
Yellow Nectarines


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